Patty Persons

"Words cannot do justice to the transformational work that you do.  Your purity as a healer and conduit are gifts that you were given.  Thank-you for sharing those gifts with me and others.  Your sessions help me enjoy my world as it is with less focus on more/faster."  

Patty Persons

Avia Lucas

"I was anxious to have the Reiki treatment because I wasn't sure what took place.  Jeannie assured me immediately with her explanation of what would happen and what to expect.  Her calm approach with the treatment really relieved my anxiety and I felt very relaxed after the treatment.  I would highly recommend for stress reduction." 

Avia Lucas, Massage Therapist and owner at www.BetterBotannicals.com        

Julie Murphy

"I worked with Jean to reign in my focus over a specific period as I was overwhelmed by the goals I wanted to achieve in that time, and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. In the most perceptive and professional manner, Jean was the best cheerleader you could imagine. She very quickly understood what my needs were (and also identified a few others!) and she did an excellent job of highlighting problem areas and motivating me to address them more effectively than I have done in the past. 

Jean helped me pause and consider what I was doing, how I was doing it; and then she applied common sense, kindness, clarity, and a fresh perspective on how to see things. She gave practical input and advice on my observations and my decisions — not woo-woo, self-help clichés. Progress is hardly ever linear; it’s not always a straight line to establishing a different routine or implementing goals. Jean’s coaching helped me create new and effective habits and I am grateful to her for working with me in this exercise of self-inquiry and self-discovery."

Julie Murphy @ yogaressa www.yogaressa.com